Labour Commissionerate

Government of West Bengal

Shops & Establishments (Kolkata) Online Registration, Renewal, Changes etc.


  1. Applications for registration / renewal / notice of change are to be made online. What to do, Check List and User Manual attached to the Guideline Menu to be followed for the applications to be made.
  2. Separate applications are to be made separately i.e. no changes to be incorporated together with the renewal applications .
  3. All supporting documents are to be attached / up-loaded in scanned PDF format as per Check List attached to the Guideline Menu .
  4. All payments of requisite fees are to be made through GRIPS Portal of Govt. of West Bengal in the appropriate head of Account of.......other receipt(...927) as per Rate Chart attached in the Licence fees Menu, only after the necessary online instruction of the Registering Authority and copy of the receipt to be uploaded in the appropriate place.
  5. Necessary online instruction/direction for rectification of application etc. must be complied within 15 days otherwise the applications will be liable for rejection.
  6. After the Registration Certificate is issued by the Registering Authority, the digitally signed Certificate to be downloaded and displayed at the shop/establishment and produced at the time of enquiry/ inspection by the Inspecting Staff under Labour Department, Govt. of West Bengal.
  7. Name of shop/establishment, postal address and exact location of shop/establishment, nature of business etc should match with trade license and also with memorandum of understanding, article of association, partnership deed (as applicable).
  8. Shop keeper / employers' name can not appear as the name of shop / establishment .
  9. Supporting documents are to be attached in case of persons engaged and shown to be owners' family members.
  10. If the store room / godown / warehouse etc. happen to be located at different places, different trade licenses are to be produced.
  11. If the format of the Appointment Letter issued by the employer to the employee varies with the statutory format - Form X, then the employer has to establish that the format has been approved by the State Government. Even if the employee strength is more than 10, at least one set of form X (must be countersigned by the employees) is to be attached .
  12. Authorization letter must be given by the directors and the same should have attestation of signature of the authorized signatory. In case of partnership firm if authorization letter is not there then all the documents should be signed by all the partners.
  13. Once applied, the date of commencement of business cannot he changed.
  14. For Duplicate Registration Certificate due to loss of Certificate , application to be made before the Registering Authority in prescribed form F along with the documents as per Check List.
  15. For Notice of Winding Up , application is to be made in prescribed form E along with the documents as per Check List.
  16. Late submissions of applications are subject to inspection and prosecution may be launched ,if required.